QR Codes from MMiScan are a perfect solution for real estate. Since it is so easy to update the destination URL for QR Codes, your marketing information will always stay fresh and up-to-date providing information about your property listings.

Some of the best places for QR codes are:

Flyers & Postcards
Newspaper & Magazine Ads
Business Cards
Sign Riders
Email Signature
Your Website
Outdoor Advertising

Each person in your organization can have a different QR code on their printed materials and each of these QR Codes can point to property virtual tours, brochures, sign-up for mailing list, newly listed properties or a different page on your website.

Real Estate Signs that are placed on your sellers property can each have a different QR Code. While he property is available, the person scanning can go to an informational page on your website about that property. Once the property is sold, simply go back to your MMiScan dashboard and update the URL to point to a different property. The QR Code always stays fresh and up-to-date.

Other printed items can be managed the same way…simply go to your MMiScan dashboard, update the QR code to your fresh content and these QR Codes will point to this new information.