Serve a Business Objective
Make it meaningful.
If you are going to add a QR code on your packaging, flyers, website, posters, etc., do it from your client’s perspective.
Make the experience count.
Get your landing page to take them to the next step in the business relationship.
Be sure the landing page is optimized for a mobile device

Add Value
Make it Serve a purpose.
In addition to making it worthwhile for your customer, there has to be a reciprocal reason for you.
What is your purpose for adding a QR code?
If you are not gathering information about your client or furthering t he business relationship between you and your client, it’s truly a waste of time for you.
This can be done either by getting them to sign up for your mailing list, liking your Facebook page or making a purchase.

Tell ‘em why they are scanning
Provide contextual assistance.
Let them know what will happen when they scan.
Say things like, Like Our Facebook Page, Get a Discount Coupon, Get Directions, Sign Up For…, Download Music, Get an App, Send a Text, etc.

Provide multiple paths
The QR code is secondary; your primary goal is to get people to respond to your campaign in some way.
Not everyone has a smart phone nor do all people who have Smart Phones have a QR code reader so it is very important to include paths to get to your campaign.
Add the website URL to printed materials, web based materials should have the QR code hyperlinked or near a shortened code that they can click.

Make sure they work
Test your QR code before printing a lot of labels or business cards.
Check, double/ triple check your QR code on a variety of smart phones and QR code readers.